Nasci Spinning Modelis: 2.69m, 7-35g, 2pcs

Saņemsi 29.04.2024
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The NASCI Spinning rod range takes inspiration from the Nasci reel, with understated elegance combined with unquestionable functionality. The satin grey full carbon blanks are lightweight and responsive in feel and action, with hidden tip strength due to the application of Biofibre, and additional twist reduction of the Diaflash carbon wrapping on the butt section. Available with both EVA and cork split grip handles in fast- and moderate fast action, the custom designed reel seats are miniature works of art, combining engineered metal, carbon and composite to produce an ultra slim, secure reel connection. In use, all models cast with a crispness and accuracy expected of a premium priced rod and have the required actions for the methods and species they are intended for. Twist reduction in the butt when needed for accurate casting, power and speed in the tip when required for ultra-fast hook-sets and finesse where sensitivity contributes to advanced fishing.


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P-PK 9-18
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